Race Rules

The race concept is simple – start at the top and get to the bottom the quickest. The top 3 placeholders of each category (womens, mens, girls and boys) get to share in some cash prizes.

The following Race Rules apply:

  • Only entrants registered can run in the race;
  • Race Bibs (which will be provided on the day) must be clearly displayed on the runner at all times and visible from the front;
  • Runners are to run on the course trail at all times and only move off the trail if there is an obstacle;
  • Runners are not to interfere with other runners at any time;
  • Runners are to follow the direction of race officials at all times;
  • Runners are to be courteous to one another and always display sportsmanship. Abuse of any kind to each other, organisers or the general public will not be tolerated;
  • Runners are to give way to other users on the trail;
  • Rubbish is to be disposed of in either bins provided or through public bins and not left on the trail;
  • Children under the age of 10 must run with an adult;
  • Where a runner is injured and support is provided by another competitor, that competitor who is assisting may receive a time bonus for the period taken to provide assistance. The amount of time rewarded is at the discretion of the Race Director;
  • Full disqualification of a runner may be imposed by the Race Director for conduct of a runner for conduct in breach of these rules or for conduct that does not align with the values of good sportsmanship and respect for one another. Decisions and associated penalties will be based on the severity of the matter; and
  • The Race Director’s decision on all matters is final and all runners accept this as a condition of entering the race. This includes decisions to disqualify a runner, allocate a time penalty or to introduce, interpret, and/or amend a rule on the day that the Race Director believes is in the best interest of individuals, the public, the spirit of competition and/or the Event itself.